Santiago, Chile: 19 Feb 2018 / 4:36 hrs

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Leyla Pérez

Leyla Pérez

Position: Recruitment


  • Degree in Human Resources Management (c), Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago
  • Degree in Public Policy, Universidad de Chile, Santiago
  • Masters in Clinical Phsychology. Cognitive and Constructivist psychotherapy, Universidad de Valparaíso de Chile, Valparaíso
  • Licensed Psychologist, Universidad de Valparaíso de Chile, Valparaíso

Leyla has 12 years of experience in her profession across a range of disciplines, with particular emphasis in the fields of labor, education, and clinical intervention.

She is trained in recruitment and selection, and manages the recruitment process for all of PSO’s departments and units.  As part of this process she implements the Competency Management System (CMS), thereby generating selection processes oriented towards the specific requirements needed for the optimal delivery of PSO’s services.