Santiago, Chile: 20 Nov 2018 / 14:16 hrs


Start-up & Transition

Starting your business in Chile on the best terms, or transitioning smoothly to a new back-office service provider, will pay dividends for years to come.

Our solutions include corporate registration and IRS and Municipal compliance, and a clear explanation of basic labor law issues, local employment procedures and practices, and tax considerations that you should be aware of from the outset. We establish accounting, reporting and systems automation and integration with current corporate systems, and assist with fixed-asset purchases, staffing, identification of Chilean government subsidies (Corfo) and a range of small but very necessary administrative tasks.

Particularly sensitive are the design and implementation of banking powers, payment terms and other treasury-related functions to guarantee transparency and control with minimal bureaucratic delay.

We have the tax and accounting expertise, administrative street-smarts, and understanding of foreign clients' needs in Chile to ensure that the start-up or transition process is as smooth and transparent as possible.