Santiago, Chile: 19 Nov 2019 / 22:33 hrs


Puente Sur Outsourcing

 A comprehensive range of BPO services.

  • Start-up & Transition

Starting your business in Chile on the best terms, or transitioning smoothly to a new back-office service provider, will pay dividends for years to come.

We have the tax and accounting expertise, administrative street-smarts, and understanding of foreign clients' needs in Chile to ensure that the start-up or transition process is as smooth and transparent as possible.

  • Accounting, Tax Compliance & Reporting

Bookkeeping, tax filing, and statutory and management reporting is the backbone to any outsourced back-office service, and we ensure that all these requirements are satisfied professionally.

We have a well molded team of seasoned accountants and tax professionals that ensure compliance with local regulations and deliver timely and customized management reports.

  • Payroll

It is very important to us that our clients understand the nuances of Chile's payroll system, the withholding amounts, the hiring and firing process and other basic labor-law issues that can have a critical impact on a company's smooth operation.

We are well versed in the nuances of split payrolls, secondment arrangements, special assignations, opting out of the Chilean social security system, personal income tax considerations, and a range of other issues that have a dramatic impact on expat salary calculations.

  • Treasury

We have an established treasury department that provides customized support to each of our clients.

In some cases clients handle the treasury function in-house, in which case we assist as needed with banking issues.  In other cases, PSO prepares checks or uploads on-line transfers to be authorized by our clients, and in some instances PSO’s principals are granted signing authority, which is executed following very strict guidelines with written authorizations.

  • Foreign Commerce, Logistics & Invoice Management

For those clients engaged in foreign commerce or that have local distribution, our operations department provides valuable support.

  • Internal Control

After close to two decades of experience managing the back office of hundreds of companies in a variety of industries, we've formed a few ideas of our own regarding how things should be done.

  • Data Processing & Document Compliance

Bureaucracy is an unfortunate component of doing business in most countries, and Chile is no exception.

We attack this issue with dedicated departments focused on processing information and ensuring the correct documentation is filed on behalf of your company with an array of government entities including the IRS, Treasury, Central Bank, Municipalities, and others.  Staying up to date in this field is key to avoiding unnecessary headaches down the road.

  • Administrative Support

Anyone with experience managing a subsidiary abroad knows that success is in the details.

We can do everything from help you locate office space, contract mobile phones, resolve problems with suppliers, contract insurance, solicit visas, coordinate publicity, obtain quotes, assist with translations, and much more.

  • Legal Representation

All foreign companies and individuals that wish to initiate activities in Chile are required to have at least one statutory (legal) representative registered with the IRS.

In certain cases, PSO’s principals are available to act as the legal representatives for our clients' branches or subsidiary companies in Chile, though the contingent liabilities associated with this responsibility must be reviewed in each case.